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Firearms & Gun Parts Machining and Manufacturing for OEM’s

Detroit Gun Works is a world-class contract manufacturer of precision engineered firearm components. Detroit Gun Works manufactures quality gun parts for firearm OEM’s – we do not sell to consumers or the general public. Whether your need is for a short run of parts for a special make-up opportunity, or thousands of parts, Detroit Gun Works is a technically sophisticated partner that understands your needs for quality, on-time delivery, and cost containment. Much like the automotive and computer industries, today’s cutting edge firearms companies have had great success using outsourcing to reduce capital expenditures for expensive machinery and personnel resources needed to produce technically sophisticated components. These same companies have benefited by garnering higher profit margins, improved cash flow, higher productivity, lower costs, and a more focused business model. In-house reductions in gun part manufacturing allow a firearms company the competitive advantage of focusing on final assembly, quality assurance, and marketing/selling of their products.


We Specialize in High-volume Automated CNC ManufacturingBuild your manufacturing supply chain with precision engineered components that have been manufactured to your exact specifications. We specialize in Suppressor Tubes, baffles, cores, and end caps machined from billet or pre-form materials.   Outsourcing to the specialists at Detroit Gun Works will save you time and money and help you reach a higher level of firearm component quality and productivity.  Trust Detroit Gun Works for your firearms component needs.