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Gun Parts Machining for the Firearms Industry

Build your manufacturing supply chain with precision engineered components that have been manufactured to your exact specifications. Outsourcing to specialists will save you time and money and help you reach a higher level of firearm component quality and productivity. Trust Detroit Gun Works for all your firearms component needs.

The machining experts at Detroit Gun Works can manufacture gun components and even the custom components that you need. We provide our customers with high quality and cost effective products that meet and often exceed their quality expectations. Professional firearm manufacturers come to Detroit Gun Works for our excellence in precision machining. Detroit Gun Works is capable of machining any volume, from as little as 100 pieces to over 100,000+ pieces annually.

Detroit Gun Works Product

Detroit Gun Works offers components to OEM specification from partial blanks to fully finished turnkey components.   Leveraging off its deep roots in the automotive industry, Detroit Gun Works has developed an enviable supply chain of secondary supplies and vendors who specialize in  materials, heat treating, finishing & coatings, – all to bring Tier I level quality to your firearms company supply chain.

Our forte’: manufacture of high-volume components produced with cutting-edge automation, robotics, and CNC machining equipment.

After producing automotive components for over 90+ years we know a thing or two about making precision engineered components.  We deliver components and assemblies to your specifications with best-in-class materials and state-of-the-art machining.